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ALEXA Ranking
5/9/2013 3:15:40 PM
Hey Friends,
I find this to be pretty interesting. How you view this info will determine how serious you are about blogging and getting "found" on the internet.

There are over 600 million websites on the internet. (read my post "Blogging Highlights")
So HOW on earth do you begin to stand out from this enormous crowd so people find you to read your words of wisdom... that's if you want to ..

You get found by :

1. by owning your own hosted blog/website, not a free blog offered at, blogspot, or other
2. writing weekly content

How do you measure being found?
1. installing the Alexa toolbar on your computer
2. search engines

ALEXA is the company that collects Global and Local (the country you are in) data on website ranking and traffic.
Bing = #16
Google Search = #1
Facebook = #2
Youtube = #3
eBlogger = #53 = #23

My blog - U Smile Radio has a Global ranking = 1,127,049, USA ranking = 189,787

Here's what I find interesting.

My U Smile Radio blog was created on December 10, 2012. I get very few or none, referrals from search engines. Yet by writing a weekly post and by visitor comments, which provides traffic, has increased the blog's ranking.

If you have a blog on eblogger or, the ranking will only reflect the company's ranking Globally making it impossible to find you independently. Since eBlogger is owned by Google the ranking will refelct Google's influence on the internet, not your personal blog on eBlogger.

Something to think about.

I like to use the ALEXA tool bar as a measure of how I'm doing. IF the numbers "drop", let's say I go from that 1,000,000 to 4,000,000, it means I have not given my blog some attention. So it's a good indicator of how my blog is doing in the world.

Interesting, right?

Lesly :-)

Lesly Federici RN http://www,
Bogdan Fiedur

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RE: ALEXA Ranking
5/9/2013 3:26:46 PM
Hi Lesly,

This articles might be of interests.

Be a victor not a victim. Simply be responsible for what happensin your life.
Truth can only be found by those who have the humility to consider what they do not prefer.

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Dave Cottrell

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RE: ALEXA Ranking
5/9/2013 4:27:46 PM, also known as, is set up so that you can use their platform, which is fairly SEO friendly, but you can host the blog on your own domain.

This is what I do with West Coast Opinion.

I used both the blogspot platform and Wordpress on my own domains, and have to say that I prefer Wordpress.

Blogspot is good, and has some gorgeous templates, but it is much more difficult to put "widgets" where you want them. The advantage to blogspot is that if you understand HTML, which I do, you can edit the template more readily than a Wordpress template.

Branka Babic

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RE: ALEXA Ranking
5/9/2013 4:54:12 PM
Thank you Lesly.
Recently Diane Bjorling also shared very good tips on benefits of use Alexa Ranking .
Those are such a valuable info and I thank to the both of you, and to Bogdan and Dave.

Chuck Bartok

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RE: ALEXA Ranking
5/9/2013 4:59:18 PM
Alexa is an interesting metric, but one should not get too wrapped up in their results.
They rank those with the tool bar and those sites that garner internal rating on Alexa FIRST. Actually they would love for you to be a premium member and watch your ratings soar.
We know focus on traffic, length of stay and of course most important Conversions.
The object of our blogs is to earn money, otherwise it may be a futile spend of time, unless one is independently wealthy
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