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WARNING: Do Not Get Another Backlink Until You Read This!
4/16/2013 9:14:47 AM

WARNING: Do Not Get Another
Backlink Until You Read This!

Basically to get top rankings when getting backlinks you have to follow these guidelines:

Get backlinks on related websites!

This does not mean backlinks you get from unrelated websites are totally useless... but start by getting if possible backlinks from websites on the same topic as yours.

E.g. If you have a cooking website, get backlinks from cooking related websites.

Get those backlinks using keyword in anchor text!

Put the keyword you want to rank for in the anchor text of the backlink. Pretty damn simple... if your keyword was cooking tasty meals your backlinks should look like this:

cooking tasty meals

Link to the page you want to rank for.

Once again this is also pretty obvious... the backlinks should point to the page you want to rank for! Most probably that's your homepage.

So what's the big deal then you may ask?

Well Google has what you can call "filters", "alarms" whatever. There are certain things you can do that will trigger these alarms and cause a penalty in your rankings!

A penalty means Google will drop a bit or a lot your rankings.

Here's what you should do to avoid this from happening!

Booby trap #1:
Avoid getting a SURGE of backlinks!

If you're getting around 20 backlinks a day and suddenly you get 1000 wthin 24hrs Google has a filter to detect this. The filter they created to avoid people from buying backlinks.

That's why if you plan to join some membership site that promises to give you 19,000 backlinks make sure they clearly state you'll get the backlinks over time.

If you get them too quickly Google may or may not consider those backlinks as link spam, if they do you'll get a penalty.

Booby trap #2:
Don't link always to the same page!

Once again this is to look natural and not spammy. If all your backlinks point to your homepage Google may realize there's something shady going on. If you were getting backlinks naturally they won't link all to the same page.

So to look natural your backlinks should look something like this:

Not ALL links pointing to the homepage, some point to article page, blog, forum, etc.

If you want a number to work with I'd say get 70% of your links pointing to the page you want to rank for, 30% pointing to something else.

Booby trap #3:
Don't use always the same anchor text.

What you want to do is make sure that not ALL backlinks have the same keyword in anchor text, sometimes use a different keyword in anchor text, as simple as that:

Again use the 70 - 30 "rule", 70% of your backlinks with keyword in anchor text you want to rank for, 30% with some other keyword.

Although I'm NOT an expert in Algebra or Graphs you probably understood these pretty well!

Jack Sarlo
Link Builder Expert


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