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How To Rank Blog Posts Postion #1 or #2 On Google In Days!
4/16/2013 9:11:04 AM

How To Rank Blog Posts
Position #1 or #2 On
Google In Days!

The following is a step by step technique to be able to write a new post on your blog and get it ranked in 1st page in Google, usually within days!

I've done this numerous times, it works! Most of the time I get the #1 or #2 position!

Here's proof:

Screenshot #1 (rank one)
Screenshot #2 (rank one)
Screenshot #3 (rank one)
Screenshot #4 (rank one)
Screenshot #5 (rank two)
Screenshot #6 (rank two)
Screenshot #7 (rank two)

Those screenshots are for another blog I have in a different niche: Technique still works wonderfully!

You're going to see how to get even BETTER results! Btw those are only a handful of results I got.

You can use any blog platform you wish, whether it's Blogger,, it does not matter.

Step One: Host the blog on your domain name

Host your blog on your domain name. (You can check your blogger platform help files or their forum to see how to do that)

This technique works best if your blog is hosted on your domain.

Step Two: (Ping your blog post once you create it)

Remember to 'blog and ping' after creating a new post on your blog using one of the several pinging services. This will rush the search engine spiders to your blog.

Spiders are search engine's software that crawl the web looking for new webpages to include in their search engine results!

If you use that blog platform will automatically ping your posts. However I sitll recommend you do it manually too!

To blog and ping you can use one or both (both better) of these


Step Three: Research Keywords

You can't rank your new blog post until you know what keywords you're going to rank it for!

Use powerful keyword tool software and services and try to unconver keywords with less than a million competition (the smaller the better)! It will be important too that they get a good number of monthly searches!

All you need to find is ONE keyword!

You can uncover keywords using Google's free tool:

Note: If your blog is brand new (pagerank 0) find keywords with 100,000 competition or less.

Step Four: Use keyword in your blog post!

Then put that keyword in the blog title, the very beginning and end of post. Use bold as well. Do exactly that.

Try not to just plug-in the keyword in the blog title. If for example the keyword is: erase computer files now

Put: How To Erase Computer Files Now
Or: 7 Steps To Erase Computer Files Now

That way the blog post title has some sense.

Here's how that looks:

Title of blog post will be:
How To Erase Computer Files Now

Blog post will be:
How To Erase Computer Files Now

enter blog post here...

How To Erase Computer Files Now

Step Five: (Getting backlinks will help a bit too) << Optional

If your blog has pagerank 0 find keywords with 100,000 competition or less.

Pagerank is a "system" created by Google to show how important a webpage is, pagerank can be lowest 0 and highest 10.

From experience I can tell blog posts will rank #1 to #3 within 1-2 days!

If you get backlinks to your blog and increase your pagerank it will help in two ways:
>> You can target keywords with higher competition
>> You're more likely to get a #1 rank

You can also delegate this technique to a freelancer/employee - it's simple all you have to do is follow those five steps!

Test it out,
Jack Sarlo
Link Builder Expert

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