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Select Your Upline Correctly
3/17/2013 2:17:25 AM
Tonight I have learned that if your upline is not answering any of your questions then do yourself a favor and run! Lets say you ask him how many people you sponsored in the business? And he says ten. Then ask hime to introduce him to them. Then again run because if he lies once that shows his character. He will do it again.

Another thing is multiple streams of income. If your sponsor is telling you to jump with him to company or company do yourself a favor and stay away from him because you must focus on one thing to be successful or else it will be too much distractions. And the sad part of it you will maximize out the credit cards and it will be gone.

It is no different from a man or a woman who is married and at the same time dates several people. You have to pick the man or woman whom you want to have your problems solved with and stick to them.

Lawrence Bergfeld
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