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BREAKING NEWS! - Thursday 21 Feb - AdlandPro Members Read This NOW.
2/21/2013 9:26:45 AM
Today is the day that JubiMax/JubiRev makes history as we introduce the President and leader powering this revolution. In celebration we are also giving away $3,000!!!

JubiMax is the exciting new Revenue Sharing Company that is taking the world by storm! More information about that below and a link where you can sign up.

You won’t want to miss the first Presidential Address and learn firsthand the vision behind the JubiMax movement as we hold three special Corporate Webinars throughout the day. (See links below)

In addition, to giving away $1,000 on each webinar you will also hear some key announcements about the future of JubiRev as we prepare to move into phase two of pre-launch.

Reserve your spot early as we anticipate all lines will be at capacity.

12 pm EST

Webinar Link:

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4 pm EST

Webinar Link:

Link for Call-In Numbers:

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9 pm EST - This webinar will feature a 10 - 15 minute brief income opportunity overview and then we will feature the President's address.

Webinar Link:

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Together we are creating a global buzz; Facebook it, Tweet it, Blog it and spread the word. It’s a Revolution.


The Revenue Sharing Revolution Has Started!
Stake Your Claim NOW For A Better Tomorrow!

As a JubiMax member, you can make money with this exciting new company even if you never sponsor even one new member, OR spend ANY of your own money on any of our best selling products!

We do have our own line of HIGH QUALITY products. Right now we have Skin Care, Weight Loss, Energy and Vitality products (with much more to come!). These are the kind of products that people want and buy anyway, even if they are not involved in the business. That is something that is important for you to know! That's what makes JubiMax not only perfectly legal, but a squeaky clean company to work with! Everything we do here revolves around the sale of those products. Now listen to this: JubiMax pays out up to 50% of the cost of those products right back to the members each and every DAY, and that's just one small part of it. It gets better. A whole lot better!

I could go on and on about why most of those other opportunities out there don't work for most people and how JubiMax is different. However, I won't do that here. Instead, I will simply tell you that there is NO COST to get signed up with JubiMax and encourage you to get signed up and listen to TWO highly informative training videos we have prepared for new members. Do that NOW and within a few short weeks, you could be earning HUNDREDS, or even THOUSANDS of dollars each and every day with JubiMax!

You Can Get Signed Up Here.

When you get signed up and log into your back office, you will see some other things there that you will need to do to get your back office set up and get familiar with it. You can come back to all of that later. What I want you do FIRST is to watch those two videos. So, get signed up, then log in and click on TRAINING. Then click on TRAINING COMP PLAN and watch video #1. That one is about Revenue Sharing. Then watch Video #2. That is about Generational Bonuses. Each one of them runs for about an hour, so we are talking about 2 hours of dedicated training time here.

Now, I know you are busy and two hours is a lot of time in your busy schedule. However, if you will take the time to do that, you are going to make money with JubiMax! Like I said above EVEN if you never sponsor even one new member, OR spend ANY of your own money on any of our best selling products! I will add to that by saying that if you get excited about it and help spread the word, you can earn a whole lot more!

I will look forward to welcoming you as a new member!

Don Evans
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