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Passive Income Goldmine!
2/2/2013 7:20:37 PM
The one we've been waiting for is now available! This is the most explosive compensation plan ever seen in the work-at-home industry! Pre-Registration is now open. Register for FREE and start building now!

You may or may not know that Zeek Rewards was one of the best paying passive income programs ever developed, yet they were closed down last year because of non-compliance.

JubiMax has greatly improved what ZR had and created a whole new business model where everything is totally compliant!

They have really cracked the code this time to incorporate the leading TOP 4 best selling product categories of into their Revenue Share model.

We are talking about the billion dollar industries like Skincare, Weight Loss, Energy Drinks and General Health and Vitality.

Now you can earn a completely PASSIVE INCOME from giving away REAL samples of REAL products in a REAL business.

JubiMax has been designed to last long-term. Nobody will ever drop out because everybody makes money!.

We have a winner and this is going to make many people a fortune online.

If you have a team/list of your own, you can start building as soon as you get your link.

If you're on the fence until you know more, that's okay. There is no risk to sign up and find out more!

There are thousands of programs that come and go. Making life changing money online sometimes simply boils down to joining that one program at just the right time. This is that program!.

Everyone makes money here. No one will be left behind.

What Can You Tell Me About This Company?

100% of ALL Members WILL Earn Every Day!
Extremely Affordable Membership Levels!
Revolutionary Products
No Referral Qualifications to Earn
Company Shares Profits With Members
Referral Commissions

Customer Support:

The program is going to have top notch customer support! This is a huge priority for this program, and they have committed to not going live until everything is exactly how they want it. Dave Kanesky, is going to be heading up customer support. Dave worked customer support for ZR, from his experience with ZR, he knows exactly what needs to be in place to run a successful customer service team with a revenue sharing business model. Not many people can say they have that kind of experience in this industry.


The program is going to be based around some of the top selling products in the industry. The company has done excessive research, and has determined what some of the top products people are buying right now. Seems pretty obvious right….let’s build a program around products that we know are some of the top selling products in the world. These products will include: Skin Care, Weight Loss, Energy, Vitality, Cardio, and Sleeping Aids to name a few.

I’m not asking anyone to be a skin care or weight loss expert (for example). You don’t need to be an expert to get involved…I’m not nor do I plan to be a skin care specialist. It is not necessary at all. Just know that a lot of folks are interested in skin care, and that is what is important. The program will specialize in products that are proven to be in high demand.

Some Program Details:

We will be able to give away these already proven top selling products above to customers for free as samples. There will be lots of products to choose from, and we will just give it away to anyone who wants to try it out on our dime. Then, when our customers hopefully love the product we gave them to try out, and come back to buy some more, we (as promoters) will be able to give them "bucks" to help them pay for that 2nd order. Again, I don’t have all the details on this, but we will first be positioning products as samples that people can try out, and if they want to buy some more down the road, we can give them "bucks" that they can use to purchase their product at a discount…similar to an instant coupon.

As we give away our "bucks," we start to accumulate "points." The more points we have, the more we will earn from the rev share. To qualify for the rev share, we will all need to place and post one ad per day…just like many of us are used to doing already. There will be resources available to everyone allowing folks to purchase customers for their business if they choose not to bring them in on their own. These resources will allow you work this passively, which is what I know many people you are looking for.

Don Evans


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