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Doug Woodall

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Review whats on your Add/Remove List
1/12/2006 9:04:56 AM
The following is a list of items you may find on the Add/Remove list that you can safely remove. These represent programs that are unwanted visitors on 99 percent of the systems where they are installed. Most of them display ads and/or change browser behavior in undesirable ways. # GAIN # Media Access # Media Gateway # My Web Search # MySearch # Search Assistant - My Search # Secure Delivery # Select CashBack # Surf Accuracy # The Best Offers # WebRebates # Web Savings from eBates # WhenU Save # YourSiteBar # Zango When some of these programs are removed, they may require a reboot to clear them fully. If the uninstaller asks whether you want to reboot, answer "No" and finish removing any other programs you find on the Add/Remove list. Then reboot as the final step.
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Bryan Backstrom

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Re: Review whats on your Add/Remove List
1/12/2006 9:57:19 AM
Hi Doug, Thanks for the list, I printed them off so I would have a copy. Bryan
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Cheri Merz

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Re: Review whats on your Add/Remove List
1/12/2006 7:27:36 PM
Thanks, Doug I printed them too. Cheri

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