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My Message to Riza!
2/1/2013 1:19:18 AM
Hi Team!

What do you do to keep an active downline in Click Voyager?

Communicate! That is the answer. Here is my recent communication with an active new member Riza:

Hi Riza!

I would be glad to teach you as much as I can. It would be much easier to do that in Adlandpor where communication is so much easier and more effective. There are no editing tools here so I am not able to add graphics and links to the messages.

Go here to join Adlandpro:

Let me just say here that you can think of Click Voyager as the most generous traffic exchange in rewarding credits to its active members. I have earned over 3 million credits here. So, what do you do with credits you might ask? You can think of credits as money. It is not exactly 1 for 1 as you can buy thousands of credits for less than $25.00. All programs are different but in most if you do not have time to surf or click on sites, you can purchase credits.

Now to find out how to earn credits you can click on the navigation links in the left hand column. Starting at the top Member News will tell you how to earn more credits with the time that you put in surfing. For example, If you click 250 sites on Sunday you will earn a free 7 day upgrade to Silver. That is the first Pro Level upgrade.

To see what you earn in the upgraded positions click on Upgrade.

Important for you to do to get the most out of Click Voyager is update your Profile, and click on Edit Websites and add the websites and programs that you would like to promote.

I hope this helps. Please ask me any more questions that you have.


P.S. Join Adlandpro so that we can communicate more effectively:

Original Message:

Hi Ken, Can you teach me how can I know that I am earning? riza


Ken Wolff

The Soaring Eagle Team

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