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A few digital-to-social analogies to avoid making Important Mistakes
11/27/2012 9:15:20 PM
I do a lot of reading during the course of a day especially on the important topic of social media.

This article made sense to me from the viewpoint of people coming online or those set in their ways when it comes to having an understanding about how important Social Media really is!

Some very good thoughts and even better questions to ask yourself.....

"By far the biggest mistake marketers make is thinking social media is an insular activity that is strikingly different from the "real world." But the "real world" can't exist without social media, and social media can't exist without the real world.

Failing to connect the digital world and physical world is sure to create two types of failure:

1) Incomplete and less-effective social media marketing strategies.
2) Painful, slow sell-in of social media to traditional decision-makers."

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