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11/14/2012 10:12:41 PM

Hello and welcome. My name is Bro Tommy Baker. I am an ordained minister and founder of United Body Of Christ Christian Ministries and I want to thank you for visiting the Christian Business Fellowship.

If you are going to network with a group of business people for financial success, wouldnt you like it to be with other Christian friends. The Christian Business Fellowship will be a wonderful place to fellowship and meet other Christian business people to share ideas and help each other to success.

The things that steal our success are the same things that cause us misery and stress. Wrong motives, Fear, Selfishness, Greed, Anger, Depression, Desperation, even pride and over excitement, can lead to self destruction. Christianity is not ment to be just a belief and hope in faith to get to Heaven. It is supposed to be about finding a way of life that brings us joy and success, now. Jesus says in the scriptures " I have come to give you life and life more abundant " . Everyone learns the story of Jesus and believes, but that is only the beginning. Jesus taught for three years and what he teaches is the Ways Of God. (His very nature) This teaching litterally takes desires that would cause us problems and removes that desire from us. It is the natural effect of learning the teachings.

Our natural state without outside influences is peace, joy, trust and a general state of well being, but we are a product of our environment and the influences of our past. We have been made the way we are by these influences and we will continue to be that way untill we learn different and Jesus teaches us how to get over these things that cause our misery.

I have been in sales for over 30 yrs and have been thru many motivational and self improvement type classes. I have studied, new age thinking and subconcious motivation, the secret, world religious philosophy and psychology. All of these are taught in the scriptures but without Jesus there is no guide and we have only found ways to feed our own self gratification. The problem with this is we have not changed and will still self destruct. Stop and think about how many people you know who have money and seem to be successful but are miserable in their personal life and continue to face negative results and have to fight to keep their existance. The key is to find your peace and your natural ability, then you will be enthused about what you are doing and you will naturally draw those who have similar interests.

This nature is the Kingdom of God. I believe God has showed me the Kingdom and how to find it and I have made it my lifes work to teach it to others. It is important to all of us to find it. Jesus says seek ye first the kingdom of God, then all things will be added to you and he means to find it. The Kingdom is the natural result of the nature of God and when that nature is put in us as we learn we will stop doing the things that hinder us naturally without effort. We stop rollercoasting up and down in our lives and start building on what we have, doing something we really love and it seems easier. God is real, Jesus is alive and his blessing comes from becoming more like him, drawing others with similar interests who are also more like him and giving you lots of help. This main forum is to provide a place we can meet and provide that help. Here we can meet other Christians with similar interests and share what we have learned to assist each other to the success that we deserve. This is an open forum for discussing business, asking questions or just sharing your day. Thank you for your participation and tell everyone you know about this ministry.

God bless us every one.

Bro Tommy Baker

Bro Tommy Baker/

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