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11/13/2012 1:54:24 PM

Hi Everyone,

That's what it says on our new Day 1 website.
Help others iconWin Financially AND that's what I want to do.

I was on that conference call for Day 1 last night and it was very exciting to say the least! The new website is up and running now with a whole new look and feel and also a whole lot easier to navigate from one part to another.

There are 3 new short 5 minute videos there about the new product, Dr. Max's Daily Raw Superfood Mix. Dr. Max talks about what it is. What it can do for you and the various ways you can shake it, bake it, or even eat it raw. If you are at all interested in good health and nutrition, you really should watch those videos.

We also have some great new enhancements to the linear pay plan where you can now sponsor only 1 new member and get paid on 5 levels down! Sponsor 2 and get paid on 10 pay levels. Sponsor 3 and get paid on 15 pay levels!!

You can earn an extra $1,000 per month or more simply for introducing 1 new customer to this product. And that is just the beginning. With this exciting new kind of pay plan, you could quite easily be earning several thousand dollars a month within the next 90 days or so. Sponsor 2 people and earn a lot more. Sponsor 3 and earn more still.

We now have 4 conference calls each week.

The number to call is 866-906-7447 enter pin# 6058492#. All times above are Eastern time zone, so you will have to adjust the time for where you live.

1. Monday night Presidents Training Call at 8 p.m.
2. Tuesday night Detail Training Call which will feature Dr. Max talking about the daily raw superfood mix at 8 p.m.
3. The Wednesday afternoon Opportunity call at 3 p.m.
That is the one you will want to send your prospects to.
4. Thursday afternoon leaders call 1 p.m.

Why Am I Here?

I am getting a little older now. I turn 75 in January, so I know I will not be around for the long term to enjoy the really big advantages of getting started now. As good as it is, there is no such thing as "Get Rich Quick". It takes time to build a business. (Think about how much money you can make along the way, but also think about where YOU could be 5, 10, 20 years in the future if you get started now.) And think about all the people you can help!

The New Product.

I actually signed up with Day 1 in the first place because I liked what I was hearing about the new product. Dr. Max's Daily Raw Superfood Mix. I wanted that for myself and they are shipping those first orders now, so I should get mine before this weekend and I am really looking forward to that!

Get 3 People And Help Them Get 3 Each.

What I plan to do is talk to people in person here in the local area about this (and my internet friends like you), and keep doing that until I have 3 people signed up. Then work directly with those 3 people and help them get 3 people each signed up.
If you do that too, then with the Direct Pay part of the pay plan alone, YOU would be
earning $1,458.00 per month down through the 6th level. We get paid through 15 pay levels, and that amounts to some real Big Paychecks!

NOTE: I just downloaded and printed a 27 page PDF outline of the whole compensation plan in DETAIL. I suggest you do that. It really is awesome!

I have come up with a new approach to tell new people about it with only the business card. That will be a lot easier than the Consumer Survey.

This is what I say.

I am just handing out some business cards tonight to tell people about an exciting new health food product which we think is just about THE HEALTHIEST FOOD YOU COULD EVER EAT. In fact, we think its something that every man, woman and child on the planet should be eating on a daily basis. If you are at all interested in good health and nutrition, you really should know about that product. Can I give you one of my cards?

Good. Thank you. You will see my name and phone number on the card. Please feel free to call with any questions you might have after you visit the website.

Then, give them one of my cards.

Dr. Max's Everyday Raw Superfood Mix
Shake It, Bake, Or Eat It Raw!

Don Evans
Day 1 Consumers For Charity
(719) 390-0561 - Email:

The choice is yours. You can take it or leave it. You can sign up as a CUSTOMER and simply enjoy the benefits of Dr. Max's Daily Raw Superfood Mix. or you can tell at least 3 people about it and enjoy the financial rewards and the good fellings that come from helping others.


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