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Are you taking small steps to success, or are you wasting your life?
10/26/2012 2:53:47 AM
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THEY tell you you're crazy.

THEY tell you it's not possible.

THEY tell you you're just wasting your time.

THEY tell you that you're just going to end up broke.

And then . . .

They watch to see what happens.

So that if you hit a hurdle THEY can say "I told you that
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THEY offer no help.

But you know why . . .

You know they say these things because they're too scared to
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They live life passively.

They play the game of life on defense.

They get a job and wait for someone to give them a raise.

You play the game of life on offense.

You go and find a way to create your own raise.

You want to help the world by creating and spreading value
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They want the world to create value for them so that someone
will give them a deal.

Do you now see the difference between you and them?

I do.

Here's what's funny to me.

Why do the same people that tell you that you can't achieve
something in life quickly forget all of their critical
remarks and shower you with praise when you do achieve
your dreams and then ask if you could teach them how to
do what you did?

Funny how things work out right?

All I want to let you know is that you are here because you
are a dreamer.

Your dream gives you power.

Your dream makes you a leader.

Your dream gives you freedom.

Your dream insures your success.

Lead and they will follow.

You are my inspiration. You are my fuel. You give me

And . . . I thank you for it.


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