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$7,000 Recruiting Bonus For Each Person You Sponsor!
8/7/2012 5:41:42 AM
Introducing: Genius Too (GToo)
The Best Financial Opportunity You Are Likely To Ever See!


GToo successfully launched on the 1st of August, AND is already paying members Big Time! Get Signed up NOW And Change Your Financial Destiny!There Is No Recruiting Required! This is PASSIVE INCOME (No Work Of Any Kind For You To Do). In fact, ALL you really have to EVER do is buy a $10.00 per day advertising subscription and watch your money grow and grow FAST, as we attract more and more new members to this exciting and fast paying program where YOU will earn $70,000 from that ONE $10 subscription!

AND, even though there is no recruiting required to earn that kind of money, it is to your advantage to tell others about this, because YOU will also Earn $7,000 For Each New Member You Introduce To The Program!

To get started, you will need at least $100 to pay for one subscription for the first 10 days (You can get up to 10 subscriptions, and many do get more). Click on the link below to see a flow chart of how EASY this is and how FAST it works automatically 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to grow your money.

Click on this link to see another little chart with more details about how it works.

The First Step Is To Sign Up With Genius 1000,
The $2.00 Per Week Subscription Program.

You must be an active member of Genius 1000 in order to participate in GToo. Genius 1000 is the exciting new $2.00 per week subscription based advertising program that launched on the 15th of March, and has been paying members consistently on a DAILY basis ever since! Each $2.00 subscription with Genius 1000 will (in time) bring in a total of $1,000!

This is not just some flash in the pan, here today and gone tomorrow "get rich quick"kind of scheme to get your money. Genius 1000 was designed specifically to overcome the problems in virtually all the other advertising based programs out there! They did that by creating a low cost program that anyone can afford that is designed to grow, and grow, and grow, AND most important, a program that is designed to last LONG TERM!.

Meet The Admin - Linda Cromwell.

Unlike virtually all the other PASSIVE income programs out there, Linda puts herself right up front and does not hide her identity behind some website. She is easy to reach. Members communicate with her back and forth on a daily basis, and she is absolutely committed to the financial success of the fast growing membership! AND that is why we now have Genius Too!

This Is Probably The Best Financial Opportunity You Will Ever See! Get signed up NOW and check it out for yourself. You can sign up for free by clicking on the link below. However, you will need to pay a $7.00 start up fee and enter your $2.00 weekly subscription to activate your account before you can start making money with Genius 1000. NOTE: You will not see any information on the Genius 1000 website about GToo until after you have signed up with Genius 1000. Anytime after that, when you log into your
account there, you can click on the button for GToo to read about it and get signed up there.

This Is My 100% Money Back Guarantee!

Visit the website, get signed up, pay the one time administrative cost of $7.00 and enter your subscription for $2.00 per week. During that first week, take the time to explore the website and get to know the various advertising investment options that are available to you as a member, AND watch for and READ all administrative updates that go out to all members during the week. After 7 days, if for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with the program, cancel your $2.00 subscription (That's easy. It only takes about a minute.), then, let me know you have done that, and I will transfer $9.00 from my Payza account to yours within 24 hours.

Don Evans
Proud Member Of The Genius 1000 Family - Together we are an unstoppable
force building YOUR future.


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