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Let Us Do The Recruiting For You!
7/15/2012 12:03:41 PM

Most people who come here don't ever make any real money. There
are a lot of different reasons for that, but the two most important
reasons why most people fail here are:

(1). They don't have any
money to work with, AND in spite of what
some people say here, it does take money to make money. There is
no such thing as a free lunch in business. If it says FREE, watch out
for the hidden costs!

(2). They cannot sponsor (recruit) new members in the program.

So, if you don't have any money to work with, there is nothing that
I can do for you except to wish you well. However if you can afford to
spend from $25 to $100 during the next 30 days or so without having
to use grocery money to do that, you can invest that money in advertising
with Genius 1000, and
get back up to 500% on every dollar you spend!

You will not have to do any recruiting to earn that kind of money either.
We have people (like me) who do that FREE for the benefit of all members.
In fact, this is a completely PASSIVE income program where the hardest
thing you will ever have to do is to keep track of your money as it comes
in and pay your taxes.

There is NO COST to sign up and check it out for yourself.
You can sign up
for free by clicking on the link below. However, you will need to pay a $7.00
start up fee and enter your $2.00 weekly subscription to activate your account
before you can start making money. There is absolutely
EARNINGS. The more money you spend on advertising, the more money you
make. Heck, I even give you a 100% Money Back Guarantee!

This Is My 100% Money Back Guarantee!

Visit the website, get signed up, pay the one time administrative cost of $7.00
and enter your subscription for $2.00 per week. During that first week, take the
time to explore the website and get to know the various advertising investment
options that area available to you as a member, AND watch for and READ all
administrative updates that go out to all members during the week. After 7 days,
if for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with the program, cancel
your $2.00 subscription
(That's easy. It only takes about a minute.), then,
let me
know you have done that, and I will transfer $9.00 from my Payza account to
yours within 24 hours.

Don Evans
P.S. If you are still with me, you will be interested to know that NOT ONE PERSON
has ever asked me for their money back! You will love it here!!


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