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Play's lottery Affiliates Payout Plan
6/3/2012 10:42:24 PM

Play's lottery Affiliates Payout Plan

5-tired Affiliate Commisson Structure
Over1.3Million Euro Avilable to Affiliate Every draw
Earn 5% of Gross Sales on all 5 tiers of refferal !

Share the Wealth
If you refer a friend to The Players Lottery and that friend pur­chases any Players Lottery Ticket and wins the main jackpot prize of €10,000,000, you win €100,000 just for making the referral. But you also win €100,000 if your friend’s friend wins. Or if your friend’s friend’s friend wins! And that is only the beginning. We award a €100,000 prize to each level of refer­ral for a full 5 levels deep! And it continues for the life of your customer!

Register 50,000 Euro
You may be aware that to help acquisition for the launch of the product we are offering a free-to-enter prize draw with a €50,000 cash top prize! Details of the draw are below

Why Play ?
10,000,000 Euro Guaranteed Jackpot EVERY DRAW
Odds to win : 7 in 300,000 or better
Over 10,000 subsidiary prizes

Massive Market
70% of UK's Population plays the lottery
87 Billion Euros in annual European lottery sales

Limited Online Competition
online ticket sales and SEO are low priority for most government-run lotteries
55 million searches for the Keyword lottery on every month

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