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Montreal Has Gone to Pot! Pot’s & Pan’s….That Is
5/27/2012 2:50:11 AM
Montreal Has Gone to Pot! Pot’s & Pan’s….That Is

A noisy form of public protest has mushroomed in Quebec since the province adopted an emergency law to quell its ongoing student tuition crisis. Every night people step in to the street with their pots and pans, and bang in opposition to Bill 78, a hardline law that suspends the winter semester and restricts protests. Dubbed the casseroles, the nightly ritual was first proposed by a Montrealer on Facebook, who invited people upset by the Liberal government’s handling of the student crisis. Reports of small casserole gatherings in various Montreal neighbourhoods started circulating on social media networks over the weekend. Video Reports of casseroles grow every day, spreading across the island of Montreal, into its suburbs. Children, parents, students, seniors – even a man in an Armani suit was spotted banging on a pot this week.
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RE: Montreal Has Gone to Pot! Pot’s & Pan’s….That Is
5/27/2012 9:15:57 PM


You can keep up to date with many ofthese things at Miguel's forum


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