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Are you taking small steps to success, or are you wasting your life?
5/22/2012 11:42:05 PM

Are you taking small steps to success, or are you wasting your life?

Rude question? Let me rephrase it then.

How do you spend your time? Who is the person you have become at the end of each day when you turn in for the night? Are you the same person who woke up in the morning? No difference?

If there is no difference in who you are at the end of the day, then that day is lost forever, and we tend to forget that all our lives are made up of individual days. Don’t ever let 24 hours pass without adding something to yourself or to your dreams?

Determine everyday to improve even if it’s just a little. Learn something new. Master a new skill. Think of a new idea. Save some money. Invest some money. Add little things to your life and to yourself. Get the most out of every day.

In this way you will be taking small steps to success each day. Small things accumulate to add up to long term success. This is what all successful people do. This is how success stories are built. Short term accomplishments result in long term achievements.

Little things make a difference, and translate into small steps to success.

If you read 10 pages every day, you will be able to read a 300 page book each month, or 12 books a year.

If you write 1/3 of a page every day, you will have a 360 page book written in 3 years. What an asset that would be!

One of the primary features of almost every success story is the concept of continuous improvement.

You need to discover how to double, triple and even quadruple the results you are getting. Become a never-ending improvement machine. Always be searching both inside and outside yourself for better ways to do things. Commit yourself to continuous and never-ending improvement.

This applies to all areas of your life.

Insist on spiritual growth. Do little things each day to deepen your relationship with God, and find inner peace and strength.

Improve yourself personally. Increase your talents. Improve your career. Do an excellent job in even the smallest tasks.

Look for ways to achieve financial growth. Save, invest and give to charity.

Grow socially. Spend quality time with your family and friends. Increase your circle of contacts.

Make progress in your health. Exercise, eat whole foods and make sure you are getting enough water and sleep.

Never forget. Small steps to success DO make a difference. Continuous improvement is the key to long term success. Have you heard the famous saying? “If you continue to do what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve always gotten.”

If you want to see a significant change in your life, you have to start by making small changes in your daily actions. Always improve. Don’t stop, and never, never settle for less.

If you are improving and taking small steps to success every day, your future will take care of itself.

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