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History of Pepper Spray
5/17/2012 11:55:18 AM

History of Pepper Spray

The process of grinding up hot peppers and using them to blind one's enemies started as far back as ancient China. A type of Pepper Spray, derived from the tear gases, mustard gases, and hybrids was used by the military and police forces of the world since the 19th century.

  • Pepper Spray was derived from the cayenne pepper plant.
  • The main ingredient in Pepper Spray is Oleoresin Capsicum (O.C). In researching they found the O. C. in the pepper’s placenta is 16% stronger than from any other part of the pepper plant. Oleoresin capsicum has extremely hot properties which they found could be used as a nonlethal self defense product.
  • Pepper spray was first sold in the United States under the name Halt Animal Repellent.
  • Pepper spray was first used by the US Postal Service in the early 1980’s as a dog repellent.
  • By the end of the decade the FBI and other law enforcement agencies had started using pepper spray as a non-lethal weapon.
  • Pepper Spray is an ideal way to subdue crime suspects.
  • Today Pepper Spray is used with success by the F.B.I., U.S. Customs, Forest Rangers and Law Enforcement Agencies in the US and throughout the world. Personal safety in a small package Where you are much more than a customer and we are much more than a web store

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