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Building an Online Store That Monster Beats By Dr Dre Pro High Performance Profe
5/15/2012 7:27:57 AM
Understanding the difference between features and benefits is a crucial step in building a site that sells.What's the difference?* A FEATURE is an attribute of a product; for example, power steering on a car would be a feature. * A BENEFIT is a way that a product or service solves a problem. A computer Monster Beats By Dre Lamborghini Edition Headphones system running at 3GHz is a feature. The benefit of a 3 GHz computer is that your applications will run faster - therefore saving you time and money.Gold plated audio cables are a feature. The benefit is that you'll enjoy crystal clear sound.Power steering is a feature. The benefit of power steering is that it makes the car easy to park and more comfortable to drive.Does this make Monster Beats sense?Features are often confused with benefits, so it's vital that you understand the difference. People buy because of benefits - not features.For example, did you really buy that new home entertainment system because it had '5.1 channel surround sound'; or did you buy it because you wanted to enjoy the Cheap Beats by dre atmosphere of a cinema in your home?Features generally talk about the characteristics and technical aspects of a product or service; whereas benefits talk about the value a customer derives from a product or service.In any purchase, there are two forces at work; emotion and logic.When a teenager spends $200 on a new pair of Nike shoes, it's not because they want the latest in aerodynamic sports design (logic) it's because they want to look cool and fit in with their friends (emotion).When women buy expensive face cream, it's not because the scientifically designed micro beads exfoliate the skin (logic) it's because they want to feel good and Monster Beats By Dr Dre Pro High Performance Professional headphones look younger (emotion).Benefits appeal to the emotional side of people, which is why all purchases are driven by the benefits of a product or service, not the features.Separating the Features from the BenefitsThere are three steps to creating benefit orientated sales copy, namely

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