So, how can Zeek Rewards be a scam when there is this to prove otherwise?
1. Been in business almost 15 years
2. The parent company is Rex Ventures . They are based out of Lexington, North Carolina, USA. They are represented by some of the top executives and law firms to ensure compliance is met. The 3 law firms that represent the company are:
1.Gerald Nehra and Richard Waak:
2.Kevin Grimes, Compliance:
3.Howard Kaplan, Tax Attorney:
.......feel free to contact them at your will.
3. Dr. Keith Laggos, Network Marketing Business Journal named Zeek Rewards COMPANY OF THE MONTH for July/August 2011.
Go to 6 minutes and 50 seconds into this video and you will get an HONEST review of Zeek Rewards
Convinced now?
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Roy Mannion