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Why Body by Vi™? Reason #8 is ...
4/5/2012 11:38:39 PM

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It can SAVE you money!

Francisco, I know that sounds crazy. How can buying a product save you anything, right?

I thought the same thing but I'm looking at my bills and, because these shakes replace a meal, I'm saving money on my grocery and eating out bills. How awesome is that?

Get healthy, lose weight, and save money. Now that’s a no brainer!

Check a comparison between the Vi-Shape shake and some popular breakfasts here.

Oh, and it gets better! There is program called "Refer 3, Get your Next Month Free!"

It works just like it sounds. Anyone who refers 3 other people to the Challenge with the same value or greater Challenge Kit, gets their next kit for FREE!

And, if you keep at least 3, it’s forever free!

Check out the program details here.

Francisco, how many people do you know right now that could get healthy, lose weight, or get fit? I bet it's more than 3 so you can do this!

It's hard to beat FREE. Get on the Challenge with me and let’s have some fun!

Francisco Dejesus Rivera

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