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Take Time to Dream
3/26/2012 10:46:59 PM

Take Time to Dream

By Dean Beaty 6/3/1981 (rewritten 3/19/2012)

To Lou Hadley on her 80th birthday

Take time to dream of days gone by

That made you laugh or made you cry.

Live them once more and you will find

The wealth you’ve treasured in your mind.

When you’ve found a scenic view

You go again and look anew.

A favorite food you’ll often eat,

So why not have a memory treat?

Walk along the path once more

And hold the hand you help before.

Though paths and hands are far apart

They still are close within your heart.

Now dream a dream in different ways

Of things you wish for future days.

And even if they cannot be

They are yours, what’s more there free.

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