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I Guarantee Your Success With This Outstanding Program!
3/20/2012 8:05:40 AM

I know you have your own reason for being here, and that probably does not
include getting messages from me. Still, I hope you will stay with me a minute
while I tell you about Genius 1000, the exciting new program that just launched
on the 15th of March.

"Linda Cromwell", the Admin there has solved virtually all of the problems with
every other networking company or program on the internet today by creating a
very LOW COST program where ANYONE can afford to participate, and ALL
members have a very REAL opportunity to earn some real big paychecks
(like 2, or 3 THOUSAND dollars per week
and more!), within the first few
weeks after they get signed up, with absolutely No Recruiting Required!

My Personal Guarantee To You!

With Genius 1000, you certainly are not going to "get rich quick". However, with just
a little bit of time and effort, AND a ONE TIME cost of only $7.00, and a weekly
subscription of $2.00
, you can set yourself up to earn some real Big Paychecks with
this exciting new program within a matter of few short weeks!

Take the time to visit the website, and take a good look around to verify everything I
have said here. Then get signed up, pay the one time administrative cost of $7.00 and
enter your subscription for $2.00 per week. After 10 days, if for any reason, you are
not completely satisfied with the program, cancel your $2.00 subscription (That's easy.
It only takes about a minute.), then, let me know you have done that, and I will
transfer $14.00 from my AlertPay account to yours within 24 hours.
That's $9
for the money you spent to get signed up, PLUS another $5.00 for taking the time to
check this out. How can you possibly go wrong with a deal like that?

NOTE: This offer is good for 3 days after I send this message. If you have not signed
up by 23 March, I will assume you are not interested.

You can sign up here:

Don Evans

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