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5 Important Reasons Why MOST People Are Failing In Their Home Business!
3/19/2012 2:57:41 PM


I am going to start by pointing out 5 important reasons why most people are
failing in their Home Business today,
whether that be a traditional Network Marketing
(MLM) company, or any one of the many other kinds of networking/affiliate /PASSIVE
income programs that are cropping up all over the internet today almost on a daily basis.

If YOU are involved with ANY of those companies or programs, or once was involved,
but have now given up on every finding anything that really works, or if you are currently
looking for a good way to make some money, please take the time to read the rest of
this message.

This is Pure Genius At Work!

Because, while I talk about those problems, I am also going to give you the solution
to those problems, and tell you about Genius 1000, the exciting new program that
just launched on the 15th of March, and how "Linda Cromwell", the Admin there has
solved EVERY ONE of those problems, and created a very LOW COST program
where ANYONE can afford to participate, and ALL members have a very REAL
opportunity to be be earning some real big paychecks (like 2, or 3 THOUSAND
dollars per week
and more!), within the first few weeks after they get signed up,
with absolutely No Recruiting Required!

First, The Problems With Traditional Network Marketing (MLM) Companies.

Will it surprise you to know that in my opinion, after more than 15 years on the
internet, most traditional Network Marketing (MLM) company pay plans are not
designed for us "average", non sales oriented people to ever make any real money
in the first place. They are designed for the "big hitters" and/or professional sales
people. AND many of them will say and do just about whatever it takes to get your
money in their pocket! Most people already know that. That's why they are hesitant
to get involved with any MLM company, no matter how good it sounds.

AND, because of all those problems with MLM, people are looking for better and faster
ways to make money. That's where all these other kinds of programs come into play.

Problems With other kinds of networking/affiliate/PASSIVE income programs, AND
The Solution To Those Problems.

1. Lack of CAPITOL To Cover Start-Up Expenses For Advertising and promotion as well
as website software modifications.

Solution: A low cost, one time set up fee that anyone can afford, and No Free Memberships.
The set up fee with Genius 1000 in only $7.00. That keeps money coming into the Admin
to pay all expenses.

2. If members do not purchase new products, ad blocks, or new positions (or whatever the
product is) on a regular basis, the program stalls out, and you lose the money you had
invested in new ad blocks, positions and/or to purchase products.

Solution: (1) Make the FIRST purchase a LOW COST subscription that anyone can afford,
which creates a new position every time it is paid. (2) Create a new position every time
X number of positions in the starting line or matrix is purchased by the membership.
Genius 1000 has both, which means absolutely No stalling! The subscription to Genius
1000 is only $2.00 per week.

3. Members of the program are not able to pay the cost for another product, ad block,
position or whatever they might call it in that particular program to keep it growing because
they can't withdraw their funds. In fact, a lot of people have to leave what once looked like
a very good program, simply because they don't have money in their payment processor
account to cover weekly/monthly costs, yet they had money in the program account that
they could not cash out due to high minimum account balance requirements.

The Genius 1000 account balance requirement to cash out money is only $2.00.

4. The same old payment plans simply packaged with new graphics, fancy sounding
words, and unbelievable promises (which actually drive potential new members away).

Solution: Create a completely new kind of payment plan, which, while incorporating
concepts most people in any home business already know and understand (like
straight line downline, and Matrix Positions), which now work together in a completely
different way with NO UNREALISTIC PROMISES which are virtually impossible to EVER
achieve. Genius 1000 has done this with a 7 STRAIGHT LINE, FORCED MATRIX
system which when combined with the $2.00 subscribed position outlined above,
virtually insures success for those who understand that making money online is
a business and requires at least a minimum amount of time, effort and money
to make it work.

Other Problems Solved With Genius 1000.

Combine all of that with with "Mastermind" Positions (one position purchased by
Admin for every 7 line ONE purchases made by the Genius 1000 membership
and stalling out becomes only a very REMOTE possibility. By the way, the money
earned by those "Mastermind" positions purchased by the Admin, is used for
advertising and promoting the program. That is a WIN, WIN situation for the program
Admin, and for ALL Genius 1000 members.

Now add in incremental cycling, and sponsor bonuses, gradually increasing them in a
manner which helps spread the wealth to every member, then make it possible through
a "paid into the next line system" to help push every member gradually to that 7th line
with a substantial cycling and sponsor bonus.

Don't forget a low minimum withdrawal (only $2,00), freedom to purchase in higher lines
if desired and free advertising with every position you purchase, or when you cycle
through that position, and you have a program that is truly pure genius!

5)Problem - disappearing owners/Admins

Solution: Think about those reasons people fail as outlined above, and the Genius
solution to those problems, and you will see that this is designed for long term
This program and the Admin is here to stay!

With Genius 1000, you certainly are not going to "get rich quick". However, with just
a little bit of time and effort, AND a ONE TIME cost of only $7.00, and a weekly
subscription of $2.00
, you can set yourself up to earn some real Big Paychecks with
this exciting new program within a matter of few short weeks!

My Personal Guarantee To You!

Take the time to visit the website, and take a good look around to verify everything I
have said here. Then get signed up, pay the one time administrative cost of $7.00 and
enter your subscription for $2.00 per week. After 30 days, If for any reason, you are
not completely satisfied with the program,
me know and I will transfer $9.00
from my AlertPay account to yours within 24 hours.
How can you go wrong with a
deal like that?

I will look forward to welcoming you as a new member of my Genius 1000 team!

Don Evans


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