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The $30 Gold Mine!
12/25/2011 5:04:36 PM

How To Spend $30 ONE TIME And Bring In $10,000
In PASSIVE INCOME Within The Next 90 Days
(And A whole Lot More After That!!)
Absolutely No Recruiting Required!!

1. Register your free account with Ricochet Riches.

2. Log into your account and Click on Cycle Revolution.
NOTE: When you log in you will see 7 different rows with buttons you can click on to look at various aspects of the Ricochet Riches Network. The button for Cycle Revolution is the last button on the 3rd row counting from the left.

3. On the top left of the Cycle Revolution page, click on CR Upgrade and
spend $30 to sign up with Cycle Revolution.

4. That's it! You are done. Now sit back and count the money!

Sound too good to be true?

Well, actually I am speculating when I say that you can do that within the next 90 days. It might take a little longer OR you might do it a lot faster! Ricochet Riches just launched Cycle Revolution on the 20 of December, and it is growing very, very fast.
Currently, we have from 150 to 300 new members sign up every day!

There is No Recruiting Required, but you can speed that process up considerably if you can sponsor ONLY 2 people. Do you think you can find 2 people who are willing to spend $30 ONE TIME to earn $10,000 over and over again?

Some more things you should know.

Don't take my word on this. Take the time to read everything on the website about Cycle Revolution and the CR1 through CR7 cycles, the 7 different cycling matrices contained within Cycle Revolution, and it is powerful!

Now click the button to return to the main Ricochet Riches website, and read everything there. Especially about 50/50 Rewards, Turbo 1x2, Turbo 1x2 Plus, and RR Auctions. That part will launch soon.

When Ricochet Riches launched in late September, it was all about advertising. It still is. We purchase advertising blocks for $10 each to promote ANY business and get paid 150% at .02% per day.

Although, you do not have to purchase any advertising blocks to put the Cycle Revolution to work for you. All you have to do is UPGRADE and spend that ONE TIME $30. However, if you do have another business to promote, that is a real good way to do it. It is currently bringing in an average of $24 every day for me, AND growing each and every day, and I don't have to do any recruiting ... or anything else. That part is on AUTO-PILOT. It's EASY and it works!

I am real excited about Ricochet Riches, especially since they introduced Cycle Revolution. This is the one we have all been looking for! I call it My Passive Income Gold Mine. Take the time to visit website and educate yourself about how it works. Do that NOW and you can look forward to an exciting new year!

Please, get back to me with any questions you might have after you visit the website. Our TEAM is growing fast, and I invite YOU to be a part of it!

Don Evans


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