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Happy Holidays!
12/23/2011 12:51:05 PM

Happy Holidays!
I am going to close down shop until after Christmas, and much of
next week. Before I do, I want to encourage you to take a close look
Ricochet Riches.

This is the one I am really excited about. It is going full steam ahead and unlike
other profit sharing programs, it is structured for LONG TERM sustainability. If you
have signed up there CONGRATULATIONS. You are in early on something
really, really BIG.

There is NO COST to register with the Ricochet Riches Network. And once
you are registered, there is no obligation for you to ever spend any money. You
can actually start ABSOLUTELY free and earn some pretty good money
you can sponsor a few new members into the program.

Otherwise you will need to spend some money.

I am doing well by purchasing ad blocks. You can get started for only $10.
I started with $400, and currently I cash out an average of $23 per day and
get at least 2 more ad blocks from my profits, which keeps it growing. That's
not get rich money, but I earn $46 per day...for doing nothing at all!!

I am also in the Turbe 1/2 matrix. That is growing fast!
I am in Turbo Plus, and I am in Cycle Revolution. They just launched that
part on Tuesday, the 19th. It is growing really fast and it feeds people into
the Turbo 1/2 matrix!

So, again if you are already in, CONGRATULATIONS! If not, get registered
now and you can make some money next year. You could actually earn
$10,000 and more OVER and over again and never sponsor anyone!.In fact,
biggest earner in Ricochet Riches has never sponsored anyone.

If you have not registered, get registered. Explore the website and check out
the various options that are available to you. Click on the button to read about
RR Auctions too.
That part is due to launch soon.

Get signed up NOW, and we can all look forward to an exciting new year!
Don Evans
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