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Launching In TWO Hours!
12/19/2011 12:49:53 PM

Some people talk about their program or company being a "Cash Cow", but when
you join Ricochet Riches, you get a whole HERD of cash cows!

Cycle Revolution is a new addition to the Ricochet Riches Network of programs.
It is scheduled to Launch on Monday, the 19th of December, and it will cost $30.

As a member of Cycle Revolution, you will earn cycle bonuses from $150 all the way
up to $10,000 with YOU controlling WHEN and HOW OFTEN you cycle. Sign up with
Ricochet Riches for free and take a look at it. It is absolutely awesome! You can see
details about how it works in your website back office when you log into your account.

To Your Success,

Don Evans
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