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Marketing For Ministries
12/18/2011 6:32:11 PM

Are you a minister? Light Worker? Healer? Holistic
Practitioner? Spiritual Counselor?

Does your heart yearn to get its message out to the world? Do you have a website that captures who you really are? Do you wish you had a website that would be an effective Internet presence?

Do you wonder how you could use the Internet as an effective marketing tool for getting your messages and services out to the world? Are you wishing you knew more about how to reach people with your message or service via YouTube, Facebook or Twitter?

Do you want to know how to create a video or guided meditation with FREE software?

Great!!! This is where you can find the answers to these questions and more….you know your passion IS your ministry.

After my ordination as an Interfaith Minister (The New Seminary class of 2010) I thought I KNEW what God wanted me to do. So I put myself out there with gusto and enthusiasm only to run into one road block after another until I finally said , “OK..then me what YOU would have me do?”Well it wasn’t a loud voice from the heavens or even a still small voice. What I did was pay attention to what brought me joy, what made my heart sing, what was it that I could do for hours upon hours and not get bored. And I was open to whatever was about to emerge even if it did not look at all like what I thought ministry should look like.

Well, this is it…I have the skills, the talent and the desire to help anyone with a ministry let their light shine to the world via the Internet. I invite you to explore my new ministry and see how I can help you Let Your Light Shine.

I am launching a new online website called “Marketing For Ministries”

At this website are resources and articles on all types of online and offline marketing techniques as well as the following services:

1. Top Search Engine Placement

2. Do It Yourself Web Design and Hosting

3. Professional Web Design

4. Article Submission Service

5. Back link Creation Service

6. RSS/Blog Submission Service

7. Facebook Fan Pages

A list of upcoming Online Interactive Webinars.

If there is a topic that you would like training in please let me know and I will create a webinar for you.

In the meantime I have an introductory special.

Anyone who signs up for a service by December 25th will receive $105 of free advertising on Goggle Display Network. For those who already completed a webinar with me email me to activate your $105.00. Currently I have 15 coupons for $105.00 of free advertising on Google.

What are the benefits of the Display Network?

A group of thousands of websites and apps where your ads can appear. Sites in this network have partnered with Google to show relevant AdWords ads.

  • The Display Network is one part of the Google Network, our name for all the webpages where AdWords ads can appear.
  • Your ads can be automatically matched to websites and other placements like mobile phone apps, when the themes in your keyword lists are related to the sites' content and theme. You can also choose specific sites or pages about specific topics in our network where you'd like your ad to show

The Google AdWords Display Network reaches over 70% of unique Internet users around the world. That includes users speaking more than 20 languages in over 100 countries.

Many blessings of Light and Love,

Rev. Donna Kopitsky

TNS 2010


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