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Belief in Your Company
12/17/2011 1:43:45 AM
As you are learning about your new Network Marketing Company, one of the things that you want to do is to have a firm belief in your company.

Yes, you love the products but that is not all you should feel. Since you will never be successful just because of the products, you must determine your belief in the company.

Once you have determined how your company operates, then you will know what you have to do to be successful. If you don't work "the plan," you will not have success.

Study your Policies and Procedures so that you know how your company operates. They expect you to operate that way or they may terminate you.

Look at how the compensation plan works. If there is no way for most people to make a check, then know that you have to do what the compensation plan says in order to earn money.

Not every company has a good customer base which keeps the 97% in the game. If you find that you must recruit constantly to make any money, can the people you bring into your company duplicate that?

You have to have the belief that you can do it and help others do what you do.

YOUR belief level has to be high. Then you will have success.

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