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12/16/2011 4:45:10 PM

Hi Everybody!!!

I had a great person already on MY list ask me how to get people on their “Waiting List” without a Free for Five link or “official” link. Here was my answer to them.

You would not the first to ask why don't have any sign up place or ready to send Capture pages for Free For Five and the simple reason is because the site is not open yet.

I had MY capture page made for me BUT I am getting offers to go on other peoples "Waiting list" with them just using an email address!

That is how I got set up for another well known site - with nothing but an email!! I DID NOT HAVE ANYTHING listed in number 1, 2, 3 and I did not have a Blog for a link -- ONLY my email address!! I started out with a list of 250 plus when XXX opened and because of that I now have THOUSANDS in my downline!!

I have been through 2 others like this and in both cases the wait was well worth it because all the "early birds" (like us) end up making a lot more money than the people who join 2 or 3 months after it opens.

1). Watch the webinar (link below) and learn how this will work!

2). Sign up for the next webinar (link below).

3). Look at my capture page (link below).

4). Read everything I have sent you (I will send it again if you want) and learn what you can from my stuff.

5). Put an article about "Five for Free" in your blog!! Use the tweets I sent on Twitter, Facebook, Skype and any place you can. Use you your email address or your blog sign up as a link!

6). Contact anyone you know or have on any mailing list and have THEM go on YOUR "Waiting List" webinar sign up and temp. Home page. my capture page current Webinar

This opens in ONE WEEK!! You probably have enough people in your list to get at least 10 to 20 on your list. When this "officially opens" next Monday I will get the "Real" links that we need and get them to you. My GOODNESS they are going to pay you and anyone on your list $5.00 to join SOMETHING FREE!! A hell of lot better deal than ANYTHING on the net that I have EVER seen!!

Go back and re-listen to the last Webinar - - and see what happens when you ONLY sign up 1 FREE person!


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