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GWN(sqip) News Update 18th Nov
11/24/2011 1:12:23 AM

GWN(sqip) News Update 18th Nov

I have created a new business networking site called MyCrowd.
I aim to have it published by the end of this month: you will find it at this url when published
I have been asked by so many members to help them find ways to MAKE MONEY NOW

MyCrowd will give you the opportunities to make more money, faster than you thought possible....with 50k a month residual income within 10 weeks a real possibility.
You will have full access to this and much more in the Back office section of MyCrowd
What you discover there will excite you like never before and can change your life...forever.
I know you want money now...I know you want to feel good now!

GreenWin Telecoms technology has been plagued by technical issues but is on the way to delivering their patent pending data transfer apps.
It will take several weeks yet before they can launch the services...but they will be there.

As an investor in the business and technology, I was growing dismayed and despondent at the slow progress...the promised delivery that never happens...well if you have been around GreenWin for a while you will identify with that level of frustration.
So I am delighted to see things moving forward to completion...finally. God knows its been a long haul.

So here's what will be happening.
The GWN down line network is being integrated into your down lines will be intact.

If you are a stakeholder, your equity will be transferred into MyCrowd.
The webinar system will be available via look out for that and how you can even get it for free!
The freecall for mobiles platform will also provided via MyCrowd ...when it is ready
GWN will be closing is no longer required.
Everything will be provided via MyCrowd.

MyCrowd will give you multiple ways to make money...even a lot of!

WARNING: A new immensely powerful viral marketing system has been released, which allows marketers to broadcast messages directly to people's desktops. Learn more about it here:

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