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11/2/2011 12:28:56 PM


I am glad to see that you are making money!
That's the kind of person I like to talk to. People who are making money.
As you know, most people here never make any real money.

Since you are making money, I invite you to visit my website and take
a look around. I call it My PASSIVE Income Gold Mine. Be sure to read
the FAQ's. When you do, you will see that you can earn 02% per day
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on money you spend to promote your own business!

You will see that Ricochet Riches pays out like one of those H.Y.I.P's
(High Yield Investment Programs) that come and go all the time, but never
last for 2 reasons:

1. They have a product/service that has no real value.
2. They depend on new members coming in all the time to keep it going.

We don't have that problem here. Our product is advertising, and we don't have
to depend on new members coming in all the time, because once someone
is earning that kind of return on their money, they don't ever go away!

Even free members can make money here too. So someone can get started with
no out of pocket expense. We earn a 15% referral bonus for new members we
introduce to the program. That special compounding feature I mentioned above are
what make it sustainable.
This PASSIVE Income Gold Mine is built to last!

To Your LONG TERM Success,

Don Evans


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