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What a testimonial!!
11/2/2011 2:07:36 AM
grace2u 01-11-11 06:47 October. I was able to get 24 mini units and 7 Main CAps. That is one each day. The point to note here is that all these units were purchased with PTC money that is so graciously provided by the Admin to help their member grow their business. I bought over 15 mini units for others as well from the PTC money. That is over $600 in PTC for me alone in the month of October....and there are many others who have also benefitted from the PTC. Really hats off to such an incredible people like Vicki and James for coming up with CAP and then helping every member in every way that they can. I am happy to be a part of this incredible group/team/family called CAP!!!...And it is just the beginning of the journey togather...I know V/J will do many more things to CAP in the fututre to make it the Best and the Only place to be online. I wish and pray exponential success to CAP and its members!! Rakesh


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