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Pan-Fried Angel's Food Cake
8/20/2011 9:19:43 PM

Makes 16 slices


1 Angel's Food Cake
8 Tbsp. Butter, softened
Homemade or purchased jam or honey


Cut cake in 16 slices. Lightly spread cut sides of 8 cake slices with 1/2 or
the butter. Add cake slices to a large nonstick skillet. Place skillet over
medium-high heat. Cook 3 minutes or until golden brown.

Turn slices. Cook 2 minutes more or until golden brown. Transfer slices to serving plate. Remove pan from heat and allow to cool while heating jam.

In small saucepan heat jam until it begins to melt. Transfer to serving bowl. Lightly spread remaining cake slices with butter, add to cooled pan, and toast as instructed above. Serve with heated jam.

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