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Time Sensitive - Quality PLR. Everything at $5 until Sunday
8/13/2011 5:52:09 PM

I have just bought $230 worth of quality PLR for just $20.

Just a quick FYI to you. Tiffany is running a 3 day event for "everything's $5" which began Friday at noon and ends Sunday at noon (Central Standard time). So, if you need some good quality PLR, head on over to Tiff's mini mart HERE!

Here's what you need to do:

1.) Go to the PLR Mini Mart and browse the categories and content. Make a list of what items you want to buy at the new prices - everything that's already $5 is now TWO for $5. Everything OVER $5 is now just $5. Do NOT put the items into your cart!

2.) Tally up the amount you need to buy and go to the category called Specials. Buy a voucher for that amount.

3.) Email Tiffany at with your transaction ID or receipt copy and tell her which PLR items you want her to send you.

Just a quick note - this sale includes EVERYTHING on the PLR store - including limited packs, mega packs, eBooks - even the $116 pack is now just $5 until Sunday!

If you need over $100 worth, then buy two vouchers - ie: if you need $120 worth, then buy one $100 voucher and one $20 voucher.

Items will be delivered manually but if you haven't heard from Tiffany in 12 hours, it means she did not get your email. Tiffany always stays on top of this stuff!

Example: If you want to buy the Building an eBook Empire (normally $116) and the affiliate marketing autoresponders (normally $7), the Baseball collectibles (normally $5) and the Audiobooks (normally $5), then you would buy a voucher in the amount of $15.

Email me if you have any questions.

Angel cuddles,


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