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JUST LAUNCHED - Only 2 Dollars 1 Time - READ THIS.
8/10/2011 3:17:34 PM
Hello Friend

John Kirk ( Owner of Ad Slingers ) Designed a new little program
for another owner that I work with ( Bill Long )

And Bill is going to be using this new program as a BONUS
program for the members of his other programs

And today Bill will be introducing this new bonus
program to his downline builder group of over 3,000 people

Then all of the other groups will be invited according to the
launch schedule listed below.

This new program is ONLY 2 dollars 1 time and has the
potential for everyone to earn hundreds or even thousands
of dollars over the next few months IF you join NOW before
the other groups are launched into the program.

It is IMPORTANT that you Lock in your Positions NOW before
Bill launches this program to his downline builder
or before the other groups are invited in over the next 2
weeks IF you want to be in above the other groups.

I am under the Co-Admin which is Bill Long, who is my personal
sponsor and the link below is at the Top of the program.

This is a Great Deal and will grow into the 1000's

Here are some Highlights!

100% Matching Bonus

Free to Join


One Time $2.00 Payment to be Active

3x3 Forced Matrix 4 Phase Cycle

Phase out at $5.00, $50.00, $500.00, $5000.00

Multiple Programs with well over 500,000 members will be joining this in the next
couple of months.

Get Free Upgraded positions every month

Lock in your Position/s NOW in the Early Stages.

You will need a Alertpay account!

To Your Success
Victor Lopez


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