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Just Look Inside!
7/8/2011 8:43:58 PM

Here is a little story that will make you laugh a little:

Just Look inside Miss!

A young teacher asked her grade I pupils: What color are apples?

Suzie answered “green!” Correct said Miss Benson

Tommy piped up: “White, Miss!” She ignored that;

Ryan said: “Red!” Good Ryan encouraged Miss Benson gingerly.

Grace raised her hand, and answered: “Yellow, Ma’am”

Very good Grace said Miss Benson and just as

She was about to go on to another question,

Tommy raised his hand with great agitation and

blurted it out louder this time: “White, Miss!”

No, apples are not white Tommy!

“But Miss, just look inside!” cried Tommy.

Most often we are so caught up with what things should look like on the outside that we totally forget what really matters. Most people are so concerned about the amount of money they earn, the cars they drive, the clothes they wear, the houses, the neighborhood, the church they go to, the people they hang out with etc. and forget to check within themselves: why do I want these things – what is the real reason for me wanting to have these things? Is this my Higher Self expressing itself through me when I am driving my Maserati or is it just ego being pressed out? The ministry that I am involved in; is it my Higher Self / God manifesting through me? Or is it just my ego having a godly manifestation? The Marriage, the career, the education and so on and on… I discovered the hard way that God pays for all His orders without a struggle.

Norman Vincent Peal once said: Men don’t think. How many people will take advice from people who are no better off than themselves and wonder why life doesn’t get easier? Napoleon Hill wrote in the book Think and Grow Rich: Nothing ever takes form until mind enters into it.

God had a thought and the universe was created. Jesus said out of the mouth flows the abundance of the heart and we all know that one can not speak of what he has not paid mind to. Isn’t it funny that we are told over and over in the bible to renew our minds, renew the heart of our minds because only when we have renewed our thinking and purged our minds of all the stuff that has not enriched our lives; all the methods and belief systems that have almost destroyed us and our loved ones before us; only then can we start being positively creative. When we can learn to ask: “why am I doing this like this”? I once knew a person who would freak out trying to make things work and when I asked this person: why don’t you ask God/ Spirit? The person would say to me: “then I can wait forever for an answer” and I just couldn’t believe it because this person was a professing believer. Their belief just didn’t allow them to let go and let God. There is a verse I love very much; it is even more powerful when meditated upon in consciousness: Psalm 46:10 Let be and be still, and know (recognize and understand) that I am God. I will be exalted among the nations! I will be exalted in the earth! This is the time when you stand and after having done all (the thinking, imagining, and pressing your thoughts upon formless stuff) you Stand on the knowledge of I AM. And So Be It!


In Love and Mastery, Kimberleigh Matthews Everyday in Every Way - Getting Better and Better! We Fall Down and We Get Up and Keep Going!! Life is a Phenomenal Trip!

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