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Chlorine Bleach Fumes Can Cause Nerve Damage and Kills Birds!
5/27/2011 6:38:52 AM
Chlorine Bleach Fumes Can Cause Nerve Damage and Kills Birds!

Chlorine is a chemical most frequently involved in household poisonings. Chlorine fumes are toxic and can affect the central nervous system.

Bleach is also known as sodium hypochlorite, chloramines, hydrochloric acid, trihalomethanes.

Bleach can lead to the formation of very dangerous and highly persistent chemicals called organochlorines. This occurs when "free chlorine" reacts with other organic matter in sewage. The manufacture of bleach can produce mercury as a waste product.

Fabric softeners are among the most toxic products made for dailly household use. They contain cancer causing chemicals such as chloroform, benzly acetate and pentane. These chemicals can also cause lung, brain and nervous system damage. When the clothes are heated in the dryer or when ironing, the chemcials are even more dangerous. Toxic fumes fill our homes and go into neighborhood air. The fabric softeners slowly release from our clothes into the air over a long period of time.

Babies, children, elderly people and I must mention pets, especially birds because of their complicated airway systems are very vunerable to these fumes. Chlorine bleach, phenols and ammonia all have dangerous vapors that can be fatal to birds!

For more information on how to live more safely click on this link.

RE: Chlorine Bleach Fumes Can Cause Nerve Damage and Kills Birds!
5/27/2011 1:19:58 PM

Thanks to the invite to your interesting forum, Barbara! Yes, we most certainly live with all kinds of toxic in our homes. It's sad to what is going on with our daily use of those products. It's all about money and it has nothing to do with our safety with our health... thanks to the great information!

Have a beautiful day
RE: Chlorine Bleach Fumes Can Cause Nerve Damage and Kills Birds!
6/15/2011 2:49:21 PM
Wow amazing info!
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