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Take a Look at Your five Closest Friends
5/19/2011 12:57:18 AM

Take a look at your five (5) closest friends, what do you see? I bet you find that they make about the same amount of income as you do.

You see it seems we have a tendency to have friends in our lives that live the same life style as we do. We dress alike, drive about the same kind of car. We tend to have houses about the same.

We seem to associate with the same kind of people that we think we are. Do you understand what I mean? I think most of us would feel insecure and maybe a little uncomfortable if we were friends with a rich person. One that may live in a million dollar house and drives a Mercedes Benz. But this is just the kind of person we should be friends with. We need to associate with successful people and pick their brains and find out how they became so successful.

You're not going to find out from someone making $30,000 a year, how to make a million. Please don't misunderstand me, I don't mean dump your friends and find some rich ones. But, if you have a chance to make new friends that are very successful, please do.

Educate yourself on how they reached their dreams. Find out what road they took for success. Learn from them how you too can be successful.

I believe this is important, to find someone successful in their business. Find out what system they are using to create success. Learn the steps they have taken and duplicate those steps.

You will find learning from someone that has made a full time income for years, will help you to develop the necessary skills to become successful.

Getting back to your five (5) closest friends. How many can you count that always seem to have a negative attitude? One? Two? Five? You really need to pay attention to this. If you encounter lots of negativity from one or all of them, it does nothing but bring you down.

I have had friends like this, what I did was point it out to them. I would ask them, do you realize how negative you always are? Most don't even realize that they are negative. When you point it out to them, most of the time, they will stop talking negative. At least not around you.

Then you may have a friend that won't stop with the negative talking. You can then ask them to leave or you just get up and leave the room. It may sound harsh, but necessary.

We don't need negativity in our lives. Get rid of it! It will bring you down. We are building a business here and it is already hard work. Don't make it harder by listening to other peoples negativity.

Stay positive and make friends with positive, experience and successful people. Get plugged into some training. Self-development is very helpful when building a business from home. Continue your self-development and getting rid of the negativity in your life.

To your success,

Don Weathersbee
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