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Blue Screen Of Death
4/8/2011 8:24:12 PM

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I hope your day had a great start! Some of you know about the "Blue Screen" but many of you don't! Today I'll be sharing what it's about so you may understand it.

► The Blue Screen

I'm sure you have come across this "Blue Screen Of Death" at one time! I was faced with the blue screen problem several times and it's not that easy to deal with.

The "Blue Screen Of Death" is the common name for an error screen that sometimes pops up in Windows, it's also called the "stop error". It's what comes up on your computer screen when your PC cannot recover or is in danger of not being able to recover from a system error. This error screen has been present in all versions of Windows dating way back to Windows 3.1.

Whenever your system encounters an illegal operation and it can't do anything else to recover from it, the blue screen will come up. The only safe way to get out of the blue screen is to restart your computer. Unfortunately, some data can be lost in the process because you're not given a chance to save your work.

The blue screen of death has different wording for each version of Windows and it's references different utilities in different programs, but it basically means the same thing! Some common causes of the error are new hardware problems, new software, a virus or malware or even old or broken hardware. Their's so many causes, depending on the type of computer you have and the applications you have on it.

I hope this tip was helpful!

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