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Understanding Personality Colors-Blue
4/6/2011 9:54:08 PM

This is Part 2 of a 4 part series of the personality colors.

The four colors are Yellow, Blue, Green and Red. Today I want to focus on the Blues. When you understand what Personality your prospect has, the better chance you have of bringing them into your business.

Personality color, Blue (Sanguine)

A blue personality make up 15% of the population. It won't take you long to realize when you are talking to a blue that this person is all about fun. If it is not fun, they won't be interested. A blue has high energy, convincing , promoter, and very creative. A blue is also enthusiastic and is eager to build their business. As long as they are having fun, of course.

A blues occupation maybe in Sales, Entertainment, or Public Speaking. Blues love to talk. When they talk it will be loud and fast. Did I mention they love to talk? To go along with loud talking, they love loud clothes too. A blue likes to dress in stylish, flamboyant and very colorful clothes. If you were to be standing in a airport full of people and you see a guy standing in a Hawaiian shirt, gold necklace around his neck, diamond ring on his finger. Has a lot of hand movement, body movements and just seems to be excited about being in the airport and your thinking this guy looks flashy, you are looking at a blue.

A blue is a excellent promoter, always sees the big picture and without a doubt the most creative people on earth. Oh yea, they are the life of the party. As mentioned, blues just want to have fun.

There are a few flaws in a blue, poor follow-up, unorganized and they talk to much. They have a tendency to exaggerate. A blue can create it, but they can't build it. More then likely have never balanced a check book in their life. If you are mentoring to a blue you would have to coach them on being better organized. Maybe develop a system that would be fun, to keep them better organized and improve their skills to follow-up. We all know that following up is key in building trust and building a business.

If you think this person is a blue and they are not a social animal or they don't need constant contact with people, you don't have a blue. A blue loves to socialize, loves being in a crowd, and of course, loves it when people listen to them. Talking loud to make sure you do. But that is OK, we love our blues.

Remember a blue is a great promoter, creative, enthusiastic and can be very convincing. Now I don't know about you, but, this would be a person I would love to have in my company. How about you?

Don Weathersbee
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