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Get Paid To Play the Lottery From anywhere in the World, Even Without Winning!
3/24/2011 7:02:59 PM
Get Paid To Play Lotto Magic,
Even if You Never win!

"Discover The Only Home-Based Business in America That Will Pay You An Incredible $15,850 Per Month AND Automatically Enter You Into Every Single Florida Lottery & Powerball Drawing 31,240 Times Each Month!"

The only opportunity in the world that can make you a millionaire, even if you do absolutely nothing!

I would shows you how to play the Florida Lottery from anywhere in the world and how you could get a check each month, even if you never win! The system you are about to learn has been in use since 1996 and people from all walks of life are receiving checks from several hundred to a few thousand dollars each month!

* You Never Have To Buy or Sell Lottery Tickets.
* It will Work Anywhere (even places with no lottery) -----Guaranteed!
* You Get Become an Instant Millionaire, Even if You Do Absolutely Nothing!
* You Get Paid Each Month to Play the Lottery, Even if Every Ticket is Worthless!
* if Any of the Tickets You Play On Win, You Get Between 10% and 50% of the Winnings!

There is no limit on the amount of money you can earn using this system, and should you actually hit a lottery jackpot, those millions will just be gravy!

This system can be done from anywhere in the world, even if your state or country does not have a lottery. Not only that, Lotto Magic has a several tools and a full-time staff on hand to help you grow your income as large as you want!

Suppose you were to refer just five people to Lotto Magic, walk away, and do nothing more, ever again. Now suppose those five did the same, and this kept continuing. Everyone will have the motivation to do it, since by referring five, you are going to be playing on their tickets. Should any of them win, you get to keep 10%.

Now, if the original five refer five, you will be playing on 25 more tickets When those 25 refer five, you will be playing on 125 more tickets and when those 125 refer five, you will be playing on 625 more tickets, and finally, when those 625 refer five, 3,125 tickets will be added to your pool.

If you add that all up, that's 3,905 people in your pool and you only referred five. It doesn't matter how big the pool is, if any of them win you still get ten percent. Since there are a minimum of eight drawing each month.

You will be Playing on at least 31,240 Lottery Tickets Each Month!

How much would that cost you to do on your own?

Can you see how the odds of winning drastically increase by playing on that many tickets without your cost increasing one cent or your proportion of the winnings decreasing?

If you were in traditional lottery pool. once the pool exceeded ten tickets, your share would fall below ten percent. If the pool ever grew to 31,240 tickets, your payout would be so small it wouldn't be worth playing. But with Lotto Magic, you get ten percent whether the pool is 5 people or 50,000. It doesn't matter.

Now, imagine what would happen if you didn't stop with five. Let's say you had a system that could consistently bring in 10 people a month, and everyone was using it?

As you will learn in the email, no prior knowledge, experience, or skill are required to use this program. You can literally join our exclusive club today and become a millionaire next month without doing anything!

Imagine, being able to double your income and double the number of tickets you are playing in by using this revolutionary system for two lotteries at once! Plus, Powerball jackpots are usually over 35 million dollars!

You can see how clear and specific your instructions


Francisco Rivera
Phone: (787) 766-9936
Skype: Francisco.Dejesus.Rivera

P.S. In order to take full advantage of all the Lotto Magic club benefits, including the capability to earn several thousand dollars a month, you will want to make sure you join as a "The Power Captains "


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