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I will Pay $100 Forward for YOU...
3/17/2011 1:53:20 PM
Hello friends,

I have something very exciting to share with you today. For about 4 years now I have been a member of the Secret Pays and I have earned tens of thousands dollars with that program (and it is still active - )

Well, the owner Sherm Mason (who has become a good friend of mine) has just introduced a new updated similar program that also pays $100 payments directly to members, no waiting.... with a neat Pay It Forward twist.

This is what Sherm shared with me...

Dear Linda,

This just out and is really taking off like wildfire.

$1600 Today and it is Still early!!

There isn't a program out there right now that can even come close to This!

It is called Pifection (Pay It Forward Perfection).

This is a real business that has real products that pays really well.

Find out all about it by taking our free tour and watching our cool videos. Do answer the short questionnaire, and tell me what you think. If you are ready to start making some real money, go ahead and start receiving $100 Bills.

I will pay for product purchase, a $100 dollar value.

People LOVE this business, and so will You!

Looking forward to welcoming you to my team!



So I say the same thing to you. I will pay for your product purchase, a $100 value.

I will pay-YOU-forward. That's right. I will pay your $100 for you!!

Here's what you need to do right now:

1. Go to my site:

2. Sign up if you have not already (costs Zero).

3. If you are already a fre'e member and on the fence remember, I will Pay-YOU-Forward $100 (if you agree to do the same for your First serious member Only).

All it takes to get started is a small $10 bucks to set up your site Just like mine. Everything is done for you and the videos do All the telling and selling for you. Trust me, it works to PIFection.

100% of all sales go directly back to our members. 100%.

And, I will show you how to Pay-It-Forward to as many as you want with no additional out-of-pocket expense.

When you do this, it creates Prosperity Lines each passing $100 Bills directly up to you FoReVeR. Ingenious. How would you like to Get Paid Today?

It's happening for our members in record numbers. Obviously, you want countless $100 Bills passing through your hands too.

Go Here now and upgrade Fast, so you too can begin receiving countless $100 Bills through YOUR hands.

And I stand ready to Pay it Forward for you.

Many blessings.

In sincere appreciation,

Linda Miller

P.S. Remember, I will pay your $100 forward.
Your only cost to start this amazing business
is $10 bucks for set up.

I love my life!
I love you too!

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