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Kimberly at Forty-Three
3/12/2011 4:52:29 PM
Kimberly at Forty-Three
By her father, Dean Beaty 4/5/11
Kimberly has a busy life
As a mother and a wife.
Running here and running there.
Changing diapers by the pair.
Perhaps some time she will gain
When Brayden learns how to aim.
Dressing Lauren oh so cute.
Both the twins are quite a hoot.
The kids are always neat and clean.
The cutest pair you’ve ever seen.
For right now life’s a rat race.
I don’t see how she keeps that pace.
In just three years they’ll go to school
Then her pace may start to cool.
Such love she gives straight from the heart.
I hope her nerves don’t come apart.
Twins mean work is double duty.
Not much time for mom’s own beauty.
Then from Lauren, her special smile,
Makes the whole thing all worthwhile.
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