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Who Stole Or Will Steal Your Bonus Check-And Wh
2/17/2011 5:27:31 PM

"Dozens of M-L-M companies have found a
simple new way to steal your paycheck!"

The big M-L-M dream is to work
hard a few years, then retire with a life
time income.

Problem is, many M-L-M companies hate it
when they still have to send you a check,
after you have retired.

So they came up with a solution.

Many companies now have inserted ONE word
into their Policies & Procedures that will
eliminate the chance that you'll ever re-
tire and still get a check.

The lawyers have found ONE word that allows
companies to hide the fact that they intend
to legally steal your paycheck.

This Saturday night, 2/19/2011 at 8:55 PM
Eastern time, on our "Five Pillars For
Success" conference call,

We'll tell you what that one word is. Once
you know it, then you can check your Policies
& Procedures so you know where you stand.

It is F*REE to listen to this LIVE conf. call, however we only have a limited number of spots
on the conference bridge.

Just reply back with "5 Pillars" in the subject
line to confirm your planned attendance.

As soon as I get your reply, I'll make sure to
reserve you a spot on the call and get the access
information to you.

This is going to be a packed out call!

This information is critical to your financial future.

To Your Success,

Take Care
Jessie Veal
225-301-7616 (Anytime)

PS: If you have not downed the free E Book

“Success In Ten Steps” here is the link.

Take Care Jessie veal 225-301-7616

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