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Here is a formula to fix the U.S. and World economy. Fast
10/30/2010 9:30:17 AM
Here is a formula to fix the U.S. and World economy. Fast
Firstly educate yourself with a few days crash course on the money system .. see video's below. ....
You may all have to run for congress and be independent to get these laws past.
(1) Pull out of The United Nations, withdraw all financial and staff support. The U.N. is a corrupt money wasting entity. Give food and medical support to countries that need it free. Manufacture all these supplies locally in your home Country. This will help industry. Ron Paul - United Nations GET US OUT !!! United Nations plan to destroy US (1990's?) NOTE the evil forces keep taking this video down on Youtube If it's down now GO to YOUTUBE and find it. The good guys keep putting it back.

Have nothing to do with The World Bank (WB) & The International Monetary Fund (IMF)
(2) Immediately Nationalize the FEDERAL RESERVE Bank. Pass a law that allow you top pay for it (The Fed) after 5 years. Print new money backed by the Government, not by Gold.
You may find what you learn in this time will help you judge a fair price for the people to own THE FED, possibly you will pay nothing as the Government owned fed could give interest free money to It's self (The Government) in order for the people to buy the FED back.
(3) Nationalize The biggest American bank and give out low interest loans.
(4) Make it illegal to on-sell loans or mortgages. ( In Australia via The Australian Constitution This is the Case)
(4) Create some money from the new No Interest or Low Interest Loans from The New Government Treasury to The Government for major projects. ( In the Australian Constitution; This can be done and has been in the past on major projects)
(5) Scrap The Taxation Department ... Adopt One Fair Taxation System This will double Government revenue. Tax money collected through the Government Owned Bank.
It's a fairer tax as people who use money the most pay the most tax. There would be no tax on earnings or pensions petrol or any other commodity. Poor people would have more to spend and would stimulate economy. Every product or service would be cheaper.
Ex Employees at The Taxation Department could go re employed at border patrol or other security positions.
(6) Adopt new technologies. Zero Point Energy - Oil Water Road Making Materials from Rubbish. Clean Water Filter
(7) Bring The Troops Back Home from all Overseas Bases. There is more than one way to create stability in rogue countries.
(8) Forgive All DEBT.
This is only the beginning you and add other innovative solutions but these 10 should save any economy in under 5 years.

RE: Here is a formula to fix the U.S. and World economy. Fast
11/7/2010 12:03:18 PM

Hi All Members

Please find online The Glen Beck show On Fox News Channel on 6th or 7th November 2010. I have watched this show twice. It was on at 12 PM (7 November) in Melbourne Australia today on the Fox News Channel.

Glen Beck and others expose the New World Order 15 Day plan to crash the American stock market and bring about a socialist state. Glen exposes day by day how this will happen over 15 Days.

RE: Here is a formula to fix the U.S. and World economy. Fast
7/18/2011 12:55:23 PM
Hello All

Visit my new group to meet the antichrist.
RE: Here is a formula to fix the U.S. and World economy. Fast
8/16/2011 6:50:09 AM
Hello All

If you want to know more about the money system and the EVIL people trying to control the world see videos at my Australian Contacts Community

If you are DEDICATED enough and watch all the videos here you will be a good way down the track to understanding why The EVIL Cabal are trying to manipulate us by creating a depression and CIAOS in the U.K. If your in The U.K. see WARNING About COMMON PURPOSE (Happening Now! Through Riots and Unrest) and then in THE USA so they can bring about a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT and a One World Currency and NEW WORLD ORDER.

They are trying to control us through THE UNITED NATIONS document.

AGENDA 21 (You must all read this document.) I'll place a link soon.

You must study this EVIL document which gives U.N. control of all our land all our possessions (through U.N. regulations) More Info In This Video and THIS EVIL DOCUMENT GIVES OWNERSHIP AND CONTROL OUR CHILDREN TO THE U.N. OR U.N. Controlled Country Governments.


RE: Here is a formula to fix the U.S. and World economy. Fast
8/17/2011 5:49:50 AM

Contact your local council and State and Federal Parliament members and tell them you want out of AGENDA 21

Agenda 21: what is it? [updated]

See if your Council has signed on.


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