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EZ Wealth Solution. Really? Tell me about it.
10/23/2010 10:34:06 PM

My sponsor (named Mom) joined EZ Wealth Solution up to Level 3 at the end of June and was qualified up to Level 2 within a couple weeks, and then Level 3 about a couple weeks later, she was earning lots of $97's and $47's all thru July that added up to $2,600 so a lot of money came in before she qualified on Level 3. She upgraded to 4 & 5 as soon as she got qualified on Level 2 during the beginning of July, before she got any signups for Level 3. Then it took her about another month to qualify on 4 & 5 but she also earned around $5,000 in August just from 1, 2 & 3 income.

She earned about $8,500 in September, and now around $13,000 so far in October. She's at $29,000 in just about 3 months since she got her first payment on July 7th (her first $97).

She had days in August over $750 and days in September over $1,000 and days now over $2,000. Not every day, but many days. She just had her best DAY of $3,770 last Tuesday, October 12th when 2 people joined her up to Level 5, plus a few other smaller payments.

One of her newer members earned $3,000 in his first 8 days and had a day of $941 already.

It's recommended to start with 2 & 3, or at least with Level 2 because you won't earn much from just being on Level 1. The doubling effect of the pay plan starts with Level 2.

For your $10 monthly you get 3 sites and you can also use the EZ Wealth Solution Mailer to contact all your tour-takers and resellers, that's a great deal because later you'll have a lot of people, my sponsor has over 500 tour-takers and about 85 resellers. The head of our entire group has been in for 2 years and has thousands of tour-takers and hundreds of resellers.

We also contact tour-takers by personal email the same day they take the tour.

Here's what the 3 sites look like, they will have YOUR ID on the end when you join.

Thanks if you sign up, this is the biggest easiest money you can ever earn, I'll send you a list of ad sources and pre-written ads.

We're in the largest and highest earning team, the head of our team earned $102,000 in his first 7 months, his best day was $7,100. One of his other members earned $90,000 in her first year, so this is a realistic way to a 6-figure income within 6 to 12 months, just from advertising.

From, Jayson


I'm in the paylines in Levels 3, 4 & 5 of the top of the team and he's also the top earner. He's offering great advertising to my first 2 who help me qualify up to Level 4 and/or 5, plus lower levels.

If you join up to Level 4, you'll get 52 solo ads, 1 per week, sent FOR YOU to 50,000 people.

If you join up to Level 5, you'll get 104 solo ads, 2 per week, sent FOR YOU to 50,000 people.


<< In my nearly 2 years in business with EZ Wealth Solution, I have seen dozens of people make money. Many of them make a HUGE income, while others barely get by.

You want to know why?

There are really 2 main reasons:

#1) People who are making a HUGE income, generally come in at least at Levels 1, 2 & 3. And, many of them come in at ALL 5 Levels. This is really where the BIG money is made. (if you haven't watched the "2UP" Flash Movie, watch it now).

#2) People "limit" what Levels their Resellers come in with. In other words, people are afraid to tell people to come in at the highest Levels possible. I have ALWAYS told people to come in at the highest Levels possible, and, if possible, to come in at ALL 5 Levels.

*NOTE* When I started, I was in and qualified at ALL 5 Levels within my first 2 weeks. Therefore, I was able to earn over $11,000 my first month and over $160,000 my very first year.

Remember, you ONLY pay once for each Level and
you only have to qualify once at each Level. After that, you only pay $10 a month for all the tools you need to make just as much money as you want.

Imagine...Once you are qualified at ALL 5 Levels, you can earn UNLIMITED $47-$97-$247-$497 & $997 payments FOR LIFE! And, don't forget all the "passive" income you'll receive from "pass-ups" and "roll-ups" at EVERY LEVEL....FOR LIFE!

Believe me, I've seen this over and over again.
The people at the higher Levels make the most money. And, you will too. If you are in at Levels 1 or Levels 1 and 2, especially, you should consider upgrading at least to Level 3.

People ask me how Sharon W, John T, John C,
Kathy V and others are making OVER $10,000
a's because they are in at ALL 5 Levels.

One more thing. Being in at ALL 5 Levels also gives you a lot more credibility. When people know that you have made an investment for ALL 5 Levels, many times, they will. >>


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