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Music and Audio Interview with Mary Sarah: Not just a talented 15 year old
10/23/2010 7:22:19 PM

Mary Sarah

This week, my featured artist is an in-depth audio interview and music preview with an emerging and very talented country pop music artist, Mary Sarah.

Her debut album is full of pop style country songs brimming with a sound that is comparable to Taylor Swift and Lila McCann. While she possesses her own unique vocal characteristics, it's plain to see that she belongs among the likes of these major artists. It is no mistake that she resembles the sound of Taylor Swift, because the song, "Permanent Marker" was written by Taylor Swift herself.

Enjoy this special in-depth audio interview and music preview with Mary Sarah at Great Unknowns Music Exposé

Listen to the original recording at the source at The Great Unknowns Presents

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