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Roger Macdivitt .

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A reduced presence
10/22/2010 11:05:02 PM

Having sparked a debate about POTW I am not feeling very proud about the end result.

I had already decided not to support the forum any more but in view of the attacks being made about people regarding the matter I have made the bigger decision to turn off all forum notifications. I currently get hundreds.

People attack others but only refer to them in disguised terms. I for one have lost the thread as to who is talking about who.

My presence here will now be limited to my own forums and those which I am interested in.

I will check postings sometimes but as I said, cancel my notifications. I shall continue to offer my forum Forum Informum as a point to post technical and community issues where they can be found by admin.

I have tried to encourage others to promote and post on forums but I shall now step back from that role as I am disillusioned.

I am sorry to do this but feel that I have given it my best shot.


Phillip Black

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RE: A reduced presence
10/23/2010 12:46:15 AM

Hi Roger,

I understand completely my Friend. Since I am no longer interested in advertising anything, I guess I really don't have much of a place here at ALP either, however, I still do have a few Friends left here, at least I hope I do, so I guess I'll hang around.

You'll notice that after I voted over at the POTW, I shut up and I dissapeared, and I probably won't be back, at least not as far as I can see right now. What's the need!

Hope you'll keep your Forums running for awhile longer anyway, and that you'll visit mine whenever you have a chance. Anyway, I just wanted to stop by and leave you a Hug, 'cause after this week, I think we could all use one.

God Bless You My Friend,


“There may be trouble all around, but I am calling you to a place of peace. Be still and know that I am God. Come to Me, and I will give you wisdom, strength, and grace for everything you face." Psalm 46:10
Donna Zuehl

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RE: A reduced presence
10/23/2010 1:48:10 AM

My friends Roger and Phil,

Please do stay and keep your forums going. I don't sell anything or advertise either. I am only interested in informative or fun forums.

Phil, I love cooking as you know and really like your forums. I am interested in recipes as well as health issues. I don't get into the infighting or backbiting stuff.

Roger, I consider you a friend as well and enjoy your comments in my forums.

I do not know what happened in the FOTM or POTW. If I don't know the candidates from my forums or others forums I refrain from voting. I only vote when I know someone and like them.


Jeffrey Obrien

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RE: A reduced presence
10/23/2010 3:15:04 AM


we have all heard of that famous saying ""you can lead a horse to water however you cannot force it to Drink""don't worry about it at all and think about it everyone has got fed up Voting for unknown people,I get emails from some of these members not even on my friends list requesting me to Vote for them.NOW thats Corruption at least close the award down think of another where Members POTW a week is too fast everyone can tell you that at least think it through,change it to POTM(month) & leave the rest up to us members.

Rogerwhen members see this as once it was a HUGE reward for being really like past remember my brother John Sanchez well of course we remember him ne worked sometimes 24hours day everyday not just Keeping going with all these types of interesting rewards us members can build such an enormous contact list as well great business deals,advertising,supporting,helping,everthing from POTW to POTY now we must NOT let it dissappear however make it WORTHWHILE AGAIN meaning members were way back voting for Hard working members who did EVERYTHING they could to really be Rewarded but today its a Vote for me and I will help you.Nothing is worth False recognition for doing Nothing but asking as many people to Vote for you.

Change it Roger that's all mate but if you close it always remember that it can always be activated again in near future.As for me well I am sharing my time here & Newageu another of Bogdans websites Awesome ,informative without any of this which as you feel has Lost it's Meaning to Everyone as they are Over it.

Have a great think something can be done all you gotta do is give the matter a Vote from all of US do we Keep it or Get rid of it?

Have a nice weekend Roger,Phil,Donna & readers


Jeffrey OBrien

Kathleen Vanbeekom

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RE: A reduced presence
10/23/2010 3:57:57 AM


I like being here, and I like you and other people here, I want Adlandpro to be elevated to greatness.

I want people to get along, and maybe that's too much to expect, I like some people for different reasons, and I want to get to know people, and we all want people to like us.

We want greatness here, this should be spectacular. Why isn't it?

A lot of us have been here for several years, and like family, we know how to get on each others nerves, and we do.

I like some of the people we think we should dislike, and I want them to like me, and I would be upset if they don't.

We're all too human and it's easier to disagree than to try to get along, it's easier to walk away than to admit we have things in common.

I feel annoyed at myself for not doing all I can do to make this great.

I want to talk to people, but, being human, I'd be upset if they didn't like me, or disagreed with me.

Why are we stupid people instead of being mammals who just keep moving forward?

We all need to push this place forward and make it greater than it's ever been before. I love Adlandpro and I want it to be the best thing that ever happened online. There are lots of us here, why can't we do it?


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