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9/8/2010 1:25:15 AM
Go Here now and vote for POTW! no matter what week it is!

see it on Google! Adlandpro POTW/FOTW!
Janet Legere has an ALP listing that ranks high with those search terms!
Who else?

(not me yet! )

Go Here Now and Vote for 247th POTW


The 247th POTW Award Vote


There will be a list of 4 or 5 names to vote on every week and as a member you can vote by selecting one of the members from the list of the eligible in a polling thread. The member with the most votes will be Person of the Week.


Vote for your Favorite! If you don't know the selected candidates click on their photos below to look over their profile!

Click on the radio button beside the person you are voting for and then click on the vote button.

Vote for your favorite, your friend or who you think deserves it.


For a member to be eligible as one of the POTW vote they must have been logged in for the last 30 days, have a photo and a forum and not be a previous winner of the POTW within the calendar year.

As a member of Adlandpro you can look at the eligible names below and review their profiles for the Person of the Week. Then cast a vote for your choice in the poll below.

Poll will close on Thursday approximately 5pm Central Time - GMT -6 hours

Lawrence Bergfeld

Chuck Fry

James Mckenzie

Mary Hofstetter


Winner for the 247th POTW will be announced Friday, September 10, 2010.

Person of the Week Archives: ;


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